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Dog and Cat Daycare

We offer daycare to dogs and cats seven days a week each week of the year! 

Our daycare area is made up of 4 separate play yards, allowing us to create play groups of dogs that play well together and create lasting friendships. Groups are created with play styles and size in mind. Every dog is given at least one nap during the day in order to give their bodies a rest and their mind a break. On days where weather permits, play groups are taken outside to play.

Every dog must go through our assessment process in order to come play with us. Our goal is to create a fun and safe environment for your dog to play.

Daycare playtimes are ran in two hour increments: 9-11am, 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, and 3-5pm. If they are not in the current play groups, they are laying down for a nap and/or lunch. This helps prevent overstimulation in your dog, keeping play groups safe and stress free! 

New to our facility? Learn about our assessment process by clicking on the button below. Once a dog passes the assessment, they are allowed to come for daycare anytime and can schedule boarding with us.

Cat daycare is kept separate from the dogs in a room designed just for them!


Full day of daycare (5 or more hours) $25

Half day of daycare (less than 5 hours) $15 

Cat day of daycare $15



Frozen Kong (peanut butter or pumpkin) $3

Breakaway Collar $21-26

Rental Collar $1 per day

Medication fee (per pet per day) $5

Exit baths $15-$25+

Nail trim $5

Ear cleaning $5 

Anal glands expression $5

Teeth brushing $5

Nail trim and file $15

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